Autism Assessments

child coloring with woman psychologist
Many parents are not prepared to hear the words “autism spectrum disorder” and their child’s name used in the same sentence. Even for parents who suspect their child has a form of autism, understanding the additional supports your child may need can feel overwhelming. Many parents feel isolated, misunderstood, or are simply not sure how to move forward with getting a diagnosis. As autism assessment can be the first step toward a better future with your child.

If your child lives with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, a formal diagnosis will: help you understand how your child functions, aide in a treatment and education plan, allow your child future accommodations in the school and workplace, provide special designations for tax purposes, and help you qualify for state-funded services.

LifeStance Health believes in comprehensive care and collaborates with your child’s support network at home, school, and physician team. We take a parent-focused approach knowing that you, as the parent, are the expert in understanding your child. Our job is to help support you and your family as you move towards effective and meaningful change.

If you have concerns about your child’s development or difficult behaviors, consider an Autism Spectrum Assessment. You’ll learn how your child functions, receive a recommended treatment plan, and get information on educational rights.