Nancy Lambert, RDN, LDN

Provider Type: Dietician

Serving: Adolescents 13-17, Adults 18-59, Adults 60+, Children 0-5, Children 6-12

About Nancy Lambert, RDN, LDN

Nancy is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and has been involved in the food and nutrition field for most of her life. She has a certificate in weight management and is continually updating her education base with the latest research and trends in the science of nutrition. Experiences with nutrition counseling span the life cycle from pre and postnatal moms, through infancy, childhood and on to geriatrics. Her desire to eat quality food from quality sources has fostered a love for gardening and home cooking.

Food should be enjoyed. Eating well is easy; it seems to have become very complicated. The basis for wellness is a positive attitude, as well as a positive relationship with food. All foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle, as long as all food groups are included in amounts appropriate for the individual. Let’s see what’s working for you already and move on from there.

Nancy will help you recognize your motivations. Together we will develop a realistic plan for your attainable goals.

Nancy believes that nutrition is only one part of the health puzzle. She enjoys physical activity and appreciates methods that help one slow down and embrace a stress free lifestyle.

Areas of Treatment

  • Dietician / Nutrition Services
  • Eating Disorders
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    • BCBS PPO