Lauren Polcyn, LCPC

Provider Type: Therapist

Serving: Children

About Lauren Polcyn, LCPC

Lauren Polcyn, LCPC, Staff Development Coordinator, works to educate Edgewood staff through continuing education courses, enrichment workshops, and more. She also serves as a Clinical Therapist and prides herself on building a strong rapport with each and every client.

Lauren earned a BA from Eastern Illinois University and an MA from Valparaiso University. In addition to her training experience, Lauren has an extensive counseling background in behavioral issues, autism spectrum disorder, adoption concerns, adjustment and change issues, personality disorders, working through past trauma, peer relationships struggles, and more.

Whether working with clients or furthering the development of Edgewood staff, Lauren connects with others in an easy-going yet energetic way. She strives to help everyone reach their personal and professional goals.


  • Anxiety
  • Daily Life Stressors
  • Depression
  • Domestic Violence
  • End of Life
  • Family Therapy
  • Fertility
  • Grief
  • Loss
  • Mood Disorders
  • Parenting
  • PTSD/Trama
  • Self-Injury
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Trauma
  • Women's Issues
  • Locations

    South Naperville