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  • Best Therapists & Psychiatrists in Darien, IL

    LifeStance Health boasts a team of highly-trained psychiatrists and therapists in Darien, Illinois. With a range of specialized behavioral therapy services, we’ve worked to provide assistance to those suffering from mental health disorders. Call us today to find out more about our mental health treatment options.

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    Conditions We Treat

    Stress Management

    If stress has become unhealthy in your life, consider counseling for stress management. 


    ADHD stands for “Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder" and it affects many cognitive functions, including memory, concentration, and energy.

    Mood Disorders

    Mood disorders are mental health conditions in which people experience distorted moods or emotions.

    Anger Management

    Without the right coping mechanisms and other psychological tools, unhealthy anger can affect many aspects of a person’s life.

    Substance Abuse

    Substance abuse is a serious, growing issue in the United States. Recovery is possible with substance abuse evaluations and counseling.


    This mental health disorder develops in response to a traumatic event. Symptoms of PTSD can include flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, and avoidance. 

    Anxiety Disorders

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is characterized by chronic anxiety while panic disorder causes people to have acute, intense episodes of anxiety.


    There is currently no cure for depression, but effective treatments can help people manage symptoms and break through the darkness.

    Meet Our Providers

    We understand that finding the right provider for your specific needs is important. We have over 100 highly trained and specialized behavioral health professionals who provide premier care for all ages.

    Tony Rio, LCPC

    PTSD/Trauma, Personality Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and 21 more.
    Stephanie Popp, LCPC

    Stephanie Popp, LCPC

    Grief/Loss/End of Life, Divorce/Family Conflict, Life Transitions, and 24 more.

    Tara Cassidy, LCSW

    Anger Management, Play Therapy, Personality Disorders, and 21 more.

    Megan Heniff, LMFT

    Women's Issues/Infertility, Stress/Worry, Play Therapy, and 19 more.

    Kevin Maraizu, LPC

    Family Therapy, Depression / Sadness, Grief/Loss/End of Life, and 13 more.

    Sophie Mbua, PMHNP-BC

    Personality Disorders, Depression / Sadness, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and 4 more.

    Cheryl Reyes, PsyD

    Stress/Worry, Pre-Surgical Testing, Grief/Loss/End of Life, and 16 more.

    Mary D’Adam, LPC, CADC

    Women's Issues/Infertility, Parenting, PTSD/Trauma, and 14 more.

    Katarina Berin, LPC

    Anger Management, Divorce/Family Conflict, Mood Disorders, and 17 more.

    Lakeithia Butler, LCPC

    Stress/Worry, Anxiety Disorders, Family Therapy, and 22 more.

    Fahamisha “Misha” Williams, LCSW

    Grief/Loss/End of Life, Eating Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and 9 more.

    Nabila Alcordo, RD, LD

    Eating Disorders, Emotional Wellbeing, Crohn's Disease, and 22 more.

    Samantha Sayre, LCSW

    Attention Issues / ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Mood Disorders, and 16 more.

    Carolyn Klinkert, LCPC

    Divorce/Family Conflict, Family Therapy, Anger Management, and 21 more.

    Chasity Davis, LCSW

    Anger Management, Parenting, Behavioral Issues, and 8 more.

    Kristin Marshall, LPC

    Grief/Loss/End of Life, Anger Management, PTSD/Trauma, and 22 more.

    Frederick Smith, PsyD

    Phobias, Self-Injury, Attention Issues / ADHD, and 19 more.

    Jennifer Russotiesi, LPC

    Attention Issues / ADHD, Anger Management, PTSD/Trauma, and 17 more.

    Claire Pedersen, PsyD

    Stress/Worry, Anxiety Disorders, Psychological Testing, and 13 more.

    Jennifer Cross, LPC

    Depression / Sadness, Addictions, Bipolar, and 14 more.

    Megan Sullivan, PsyD

    Autism, Eating Disorders, Women's Issues/Infertility, and 17 more.

    Susy Hoben, LCPC

    Anger Management, LGBTQI+, Art Therapy, and 22 more.