Healing for Religious Pain

Recovering from religious trauma and spiritual abuse can be complicated, difficult, and painful. This group creates space to process thoughts and emotions around religion’s role in your life and helps you learn how to identify and care for trauma. It's not easy work and you are not alone on this journey. Join us if you are on any level of deconstruction or are feeling the pain of religion’s affect on your life.

DAY & TIME: Saturday, 9a to 10a

LOCATION: Online via Zoom

LEADER: Sarah Hairston, LCSW


Get answers about Recovering from Religious Trauma

What are the benefits of group therapy?

Recovering from religious trauma and spiritual abuse can be complicated, difficult and painful. Oftentimes, those who have left their religion feel a greater sense of isolation and loneliness as they come to terms with how religion harmed them. 

Group therapy also builds a sense of community. Challenges with mental health can cause us to feel alone and like nobody understands what we are going through, but that’s exactly the opposite. There are others who are experiencing similar things and group therapy is a great way to build yourself up by finding those who have walked in your shoes.

Are there any requirements to join this group?

Participants must be over the age of 18 and qualify for a trauma or stressor-related disorder. Religion may still be a part of your life or you may have found space outside of it, we are open to all!

How many people are in the group?

The goal is to keep the group under six members.

What is the cost?

The group fee is typically covered by insurance. If paying out-of-pocket, the session fee is $70.

How do I enroll?

Call our Intake team at 888-428-7890 to schedule an enrollment session. At your consultation with the group leader, you'll learn about the group’s structure, activities, and potential benefits. Potential members will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the group. If you’re a good fit and the group has an opening, you will be enrolled immediately. If the group is full following your session, you will be put on a waitlist and notified when a space opens.