MomSpace Postpartum Support Group

Motherhood is an amazing journey of discovery for both you and your baby, but this journey is not without emotional ups and downs. Anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and sadness are just few of the many emotions you may be experiencing. MomSpace is a place to connect with other new moms and openly share experiences and learn coping strategies. Each session will introduce themes to explore in a nonjudgemental and supportive space. This group will help you realize you're not alone, share experiences and feelings, learn new skills, cultivate self-compassion, and feel empowered

DAY & TIME: Thursday, 3p to 4p

LOCATION: Online via Zoom

LEADER: Ashley Starwood, LCSW



Get answers about MomSpace

Are there any requirements to join this group? 

 This group is open to new mothers who have either given birth or adopted a baby within the previous 18 months

How many adults are in the group? 

The group is limited to nine members

How do I enroll? 

Call Intake  at 888-428-7890 to schedule an enrollment session. At your consultation with the group leader, you'll learn about the group’s structure, activities, and potential benefits. Potential members will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the group. If you’re a good fit and the group has an opening, you will be enrolled immediately. If the group is full following your session, you will be put on a waitlist and notified when a space opens.