Milestones for Young Men


Milestones helps young men with various developmental issues find their way in the world. From building communication skills to exploring an identity to setting future goals, Milestones provides the tools young males need to grow into adulthood.

DAY & TIME: Monday, 6p to 7p

LOCATION: In Person, North Naperville Office

LEADER: Mike Hobart, LPC


Get answers about LifeStance Health’s Milestones for young men

What are the benefits of this group?

Milestones provides a safe, validating environment for developing young men to work together and enhance their ability to express thoughts, improve communication skills, cope with life’s difficulties, and set goals with the support of the group leader and other group members.

Individuals experiencing issues with anxiety, depression, ADHD, social difficulties, identity confusion, academic performance, behavior problems, worries about the future, and/or difficulties adjusting to the high school experience are encouraged to join. Members can expect a shared experience of growth, learning, and personal evolution.

Are there any requirements to join this group?

This group is for boys age 14 to 18.

How many boys are in the group?

The enrollment maximum is nine, but the sessions usually comprise of four to six members.

What is the cost?

The group fee is typically covered by insurance. If paying out-of-pocket, the session fee is $70.

How do I enroll my son?

Call Client Services at 630-428-7890, Ext 320 to schedule an enrollment session for you and your child. At your consultation, we will discuss your background and reasons for seeking group therapy. If your child is a good fit and the group has an opening, your child will immediately be enrolled. If the group is full following your session, your child will be put on a waitlist and you’ll be notified when space is available.