Life Gets Better Together


Exploring your sexual and gender identity can be an overwhelming experience. Life Gets Better Together is a safe space for teens to get support and guidance. We’ll work through topics such as coping skills, healthy relationships, finding strength in your identity, and coming out to friends and family.

DAY & TIME: Wednesday, 7p to 8p


LEADER: Danielle Sakach, LPC


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What are the benefits of group therapy?

Group therapy allows you to have a space with others sharing similar experiences and not feel judged or feel the need to pretend to be someone you’re not. Members work together to help each other process through their individual challenges. Sometimes you can find the exact answers from another person who has gone through something similar.

Group therapy also builds a sense of community. Challenges with mental health can cause us to feel alone and like nobody understands what we are going through, but that’s exactly the opposite. There are others who are experiencing similar things and group therapy is a great way to build yourself up by finding those who have walked in your shoes.

What happens during a group session?

During group sessions, members are brought into the group room for a brief check-in. This will be a time for members to share either exciting or stressful news they wish to process with the other members. After that, members are presented with the topic of the week, which is followed by discussion and an activity.

Are there any requirements to join this group?

Due to the focus of this group, members should identify with the LGBTQIA+ community or be in the process of exploring their gender or sexual orientation.

How many people are in the group?

The goal is to keep the group to eight members. Each section of group is 12 weeks long with priority enrollment for the next section given to continuing members.

What is the cost?

The group fee is typically covered by insurance. If paying out-of-pocket, the session fee is $70.

How do I enroll?

Call Client Services at 630-428-7890, Ext 320 to schedule an enrollment session. At your consultation, we will discuss your background and reasons for seeking group therapy. If you’re a good fit and the group has an opening, you will be enrolled immediately. If the group is full following your session, you will be put on a waitlist and notified when a space opens.