Couples and Marriage Counseling

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Many times when we’re dealing with the stress that life throws at us, it takes everything that we have just to get through the day. We don’t take the time to express our feelings to each other the way we would like to. Many couples seek counseling to improve the physical and emotional quality of their marriage; the difficulties that impact a relationship many times include:

  • Communication Difficulties
  • Emotional Distance – Disconnect Between Spouses
  • Sexual or Intimacy Struggles
  • Repairing the Marriage After an Affair
  • Financial Difficulties
  • Addictions (Gambling or Substances)
  • Disagreements with how to Parent Children
  • Co-Parenting Following a Divorce
  • Adjustment to Having a Baby
  • Struggling with Chronic Physical or Mental Illness
  • Difficulty with In-Laws
  • Career Re-Location
  • Other Lifestyle Changes

Our therapists will assist in clearly defining the problem and creating a plan to repair it according to the couples’ needs. We will set goals and ensure that the couple can experience measurable progress so that their relationship can return to being positive and fun.

Family Counseling

Family Counseling Edgewood Clinical Services Naperville Plainfield

Through experience we know that family difficulties are very rarely due to just one person. We are complex individuals with all sorts of fears, hopes, wants, and needs. Our counselors provide a safe place where these issues can be explored and expressed without the world coming to an end.

Whenever possible at Edgewood, family therapy starts from the top down. Once we have the parents on the same page and moving forward, then we can bring the children in on the discussion.

Our goal, once the entire family is involved, is to help you as parents listen to and work with your children. Kids and teens need the opportunity to vent their frustrations, and parents need to hear and attempt to understand their children’s point of view. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing the family dynamics. By identifying your “trigger points,” we can help you figure out how to work around those trigger points to make interactions more worthwhile for everyone.

Whole-System Perspective

Our counselors bring a unique depth of experience working with our families, to reach beyond the standard therapy framework and draw on additional resources as needed. This broad perspective is particularly helpful with:

  • Behavioral difficulties associated with Developmental Delay
  • Autism diagnosis
  • Coping with divorce
  • Collaboration in education planning/academic difficulties
  • Coping with past traumas and abuse
  • Behavior Management
  • Improving sibling interactions and relationships
  • Strengthening parent/child communications
  • Blended Family
  • Co-Parenting after divorce
  • Coping with loss of loved one
  • Coping with Job Loss or Financial Hardship

We will also work with your child’s school and pediatrician to keep everyone connected and informed, for the benefit of your child and your entire family.

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