Anger itself is a normal human emotion. However, some people struggle to regulate anger. Without the right coping mechanisms and other psychological tools, unhealthy anger can affect many aspects of a person’s life.

If your anger has become uncontrolled rage, you may have trouble with your relationships, the law, work, and more. Help is available. An anger assessment can help you determine what kind of treatment may be best. If needed, anger management counseling is available and can help you learn the skills you need to stabilize your emotions.

Anger Management Assessments

Although anger is a normal emotional response, how we appropriately manage and express it is essential to maintaining healthy relationships and successful connections with others. An Anger Management Assessment will identify your triggers and help you create realistic goals towards a happier life.

Our Anger Evaluations take approximately 90 to 120 minutes to complete. When we have your results, we will send them to individuals and organizations that you designate. We will not send your results to anyone without your consent. If your assessment reveals that you could benefit from anger management counseling, we can set you up with this ongoing support.

Anger Management Counseling

If you’ve experienced loss and hardship as a result of your anger, let LifeStance Health help. We’ll help you recognize the warning signs of anger and teach you how to resolve problems and build respectful relationships.

Through working with an LifeStance Health therapist, you’ll learn how to remain non-violent when angry. We’ll help you recognize the warning signs of anger and teach you how to resolve problems with clear communication. The skills you learn through counseling will put you on a path to develop and maintain respectful relationships.