Commentary on parents

12 year old Philadelphia Boy dies after fight at school; may be related to bullying

A 12 y/o boy from the Philadelphia area died weeks after a fight at school.  The article for the story is below.  This is a tragedy for so many reasons, but ultimately because it appears the boy was trying to do the right thing and didn’t have the opportunity to.  Its important for all parents []

Why Parents Should Challenge Their Kids

The American Freshman Survey was recently completed; a survey that has been compiling data from college freshman for almost 50 years.  What the results of the survey state is that, more than ever, college students are more likely to call themselves ‘gifted’ and ‘driven to succeed’ while also having their test scores decrease and time []

Dad #10 on Xmas List for Kids in UK survey

A brief commentary on the results of a recent UK survey which noted that kids a ‘dad’ as the number 10 asked for thing for Christmas.

Time Magazine Cover

A brief commentary about Time Magazine’s cover which is about ‘Attachment Parenting’