Behavior Management

A Guide for Parents: How to Handle Playdates That Go South

SMACK. Things were going well the last time you checked, but now it seems that everything has rapidly turned south. A raised voice quickly escalated to altercation, and your child is the culprit of the resounding smacking sound that was clearly heard from the other room. What do you do now? Do you give him []

Importance of Psychological Testing

Psychological testing sounds intimidating, especially if it has been suggested for your child or other family member. Sure, you know that everyone has flaws and personality quirks, but accepting that someone wants to take a close look at your internal makeup, at how you think about and handle things, well, that can be too close []

Challenges in Managing Behaviors at School

Here’s a story about how a 6 year old girl from Georgia was placed in handcuffs because of unsafe behaviors in a school setting.