This is it. People talk about how soft we’re making our kids; the coddling, pampering, protecting. We’ve talked about inclusion, making kids feel good, how we all need to take care of each other and be sensitive to the needs of others. But as a therapist and business owner, it needs to stop. This story says it all.

The fact that a state high school association would ban harmless chants at games is ridiculous. But I guess I just missed the point. These chants are actually considered harmful. How exactly are we supposed to teach our kids resilience, tenacity, and perseverance when the messages that the kids are receiving is that world will take care of them. I’ll state it again:

The world will take care of them.

Is this statement true for anyone? Then why are we so invested in selling a message to children that will consequently set them up for FAILURE rather than success? It doesn’t make sense. As parents, educators, professionals and leaders, we need to start pushing the opposite message. Talk about how adversity, frustration, hurt feelings, and disappointment are great learning experiences and the foundations for true resilience that can lead to a successful life. Negative emotions and experiences feel bad in the short-term, but can have wonderful long-term effects if one knows how to cope.