Maybe you have a hard time ever feeling motivated to get routine chores done. Maybe you’re crying all the time. Or maybe you’re feeling defeated and hopeless about ever finding that perfect someone to spend your life with. Maybe you have so many demands on your time, both at home and at work, that you think you can’t juggle any more.

Perhaps you think that’s just the way life is. That’s just the way you are. You think you just need more…something…(inspiration,energy, self-confidence?). Have you ever considered that counseling might help? If you aren’t sure, here are some signs counseling would be recommended.

Feeling sad, angry, not yourself: 

When these feelings are uncontrollable, it’s time to get professional help. Some behavior that might accompany these are sleeping more or less than you usually do and avoiding family and friends. Counseling is important and can help you regain control and get your life back.

Abusing or overusing drugs, alcohol, or food: 

If you turn to substance or behavior as a coping mechanism, if you can’t control them, or if you can’t stop, you may need help to deal with it. A trained counselor can give you the tools you need to overcome the behavior you struggle with.

Loss of someone or something important: 

Maybe you lost someone you loved or you might be going through a breakup, a divorce, or a job loss. A counselor can help you through this intensely difficult time in your life and get you back on your feet.

You’ve had a traumatic experience: 

Abuse, neglect, trauma, being the victim of a crime, in an accident, or having a serious illness can all have a serious impact on your life. Sometimes it’s a  struggle to deal with it and that’s when a professional can help you, whether you just need someone to talk to, or you need to learn coping mechanisms.

You can’t do the things you enjoy: 

If you’ve been unable to get out and do things that before always brought joy to your life, or things you liked doing, it may signal that you are having problems, even if you can’t really describe it. Seeing a counselor can help you identify the problem and deal with it.

Nothing you’ve tried has helped: 

If you’ve tried things that have helped you cope with hard times in the past, but nothing has worked, seeking help may be what you need this time around.

Friends and family are disappearing on you: 

If your friends and family are usually there for you, to lend an ear or a shoulder, but now are in hiding and not answering phone calls or texts, it’s likely they have heard too much and are overwhelmed. A counselor can help you sort things out, and you will probably learn new ways to cope with hard times.

People have noticed: 

If people have noticed that you seem to be struggling and have brought it up to you, that’s a strong indicator that you need a professional to help you get through this time in your life.

Unexplained headaches, stomachaches or an immune system that’s run down: 

Being emotionally upset can physically affect your body. This is not an unusual response to intense stress. Sometimes just talking to someone neutral and safe helps put you back in charge.

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At LifeStance Health, we follow a distinctive approach to counseling and therapy. First and foremost, we are goal directed. Effective therapy is about more than just talking; it’s about seeing results. We work with you to set and achieve measurable, meaningful goals that will make a difference in your life.

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