Strength-based therapy focuses on your natural strengths rather than your shortcomings or perceived failures. The goal is to implement a positive mindset that helps you build your best qualities and shift into a more optimistic worldview. This powerful “switch-around” of the human mind and its ways of thinking can help you maintain focus on what’s going well and reevaluate your expectations on yourself and others.

When is Strength-Based Therapy Recommended?

Strength-based therapy may be beneficial for a variety of concerns such as depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, abuse, and more. At LifeStance Health, it’s used on individuals, couples, and families of all ages.

What are the components of strength-based therapy?

Find your strengths

It may take effort to think about what you do well if you’re depressed and have an unbalanced sense of self-perception. Your therapist will help you list your strengths and what you like about yourself and guide you to focus on those qualities.

Remember who you are

You are not defined by depression or your current or past struggles. Finding your positive qualities serves as a reminder that you’re more than your illness.

Become energized

Low energy is a common symptom of depression and strength-based therapy can help overcome sluggishness. Once you identify an activity you enjoy, talent you have, or ability that’s part of you, you’ve found a potential energy source. Your therapist can help cultivate your interests and creativity.

Practice self-care

When you learn to focus on strengths instead of flaws, managing depression and taking time for self-care becomes easier. You’ll learn how to put yourself first and take time to nurture your talents and abilities.

Become your own healer

Strength-based therapy believes the power of healing and recovery is within you. Your therapist can show you how to accelerate this process.

Can strength-based therapy help me?

If you struggle with negative circular thinking and feelings of hopelessness, strength-based techniques may benefit you. This form of therapy can be used alone or combined with other methods and the results, with practice, build confidence, relieve stress, and instill a more positive outlook. Reach out to LifeStance Health today if you want to learn more about how strength-based therapy can help with your specific challenges.