As we move into midsummer, take time to relax and restore before the busy fall season sets in. Here are five simple ways to recharge your mind and body:

Practice Daily Self Care

Set the stage to stay healthy and happy all year long. Whether it’s yoga, running, going to the gym, meditation, or deep-breathing exercises, get started on a routine that focuses on you.

Do Something New

New experiences make us happier than buying new things. Shaking up your routine can help pull you out of a rut or make you appreciate your circumstances even more. Go somewhere new for lunch or explore a new neighborhood. If you’re feeling spontaneous, go on a day trip. You may be surprised about what you find!

Set and Achieve Goals

If you’re not a goal setter (or even if you are), take a moment to write only one goal. Make it something small that you can achieve relatively soon, like reading a book or drinking eight glasses of water a day for a week. When you achieve your new goal, set a another one and let the momentum carry you to bigger things.  

Get Lost in a Book

Find something uplifting, engaging and empowering to read and carve out some time to truly allow yourself to explore the story. Reading is an act of mindfulness that improves your attention span, quiets anxieties, and gives your brain a workout in multiple complex cognitive functions.  

Take a Technology Break

Other people’s lives may seem perfect on social media, but they rarely are. Feeling like you have to live up to a certain expectation is draining. Put social media on pause and go within to find what truly makes you happy.

If you feel you can’t relax or manage stress on your own, reach out for support. LifeStance therapists are trained to ease anxiety, depression, and general life stressors. Call us at 888-428-7890 for an immediate appointment.