Finding a therapist is all about matching with someone you’ll feel comfortable pursuing treatment with, and that may include a therapist of specific gender. Here are four benefits that a male counselor brings to a therapeutic relationship:

Get a Male Perspective

Some people feel at ease knowing they’re discussing a particular issue with someone they can more easily relate to, but it may be beneficial to gain perspective from the opposite sex. Men and women possess different ways of viewing the world around them, and women may benefit from seeing a male therapist because he can explain the behaviors and the mindsets of how men think and act in relationships.

Male therapists have a deep understanding of men’s issues, and these issues often play a key role in the relationship problems women experience with their boyfriends or husbands. A male therapist can help women them better understand their partners in ways that are sometimes more easily understood by another male.

Feel at Ease Speaking with Another Man

Some men feel more comfortable in the company of other men, and depending on past relationships with women, they may feel shy speaking to females. Issues like men’s health or relationships with women may be easier to discuss with another man. When men are uncomfortable speaking to women, it can hinder the progress of their therapy. In this situation, some men may object to digging deeper into emotional issues with women because they are unable to open-up.

Eliminate Potential Triggers

Past trauma or abuse may also make some people wary of speaking with a person of the same gender as the former or current abuser. When a man has experienced abuse by a female, he may feel hesitant about discussing the situation with a female therapist.

In this case, a female therapist could potentially be too stressful or triggering, which will undermine the goal of a successful therapy session. Seeing a male therapist may eliminate the triggers that could hinder his progress. This is especially true if the abusive relationship has not ended.

Gain a Male Role Model

In a single-parent household where the parent is a female, a child may have no male role model in his life. Speaking with a male therapist may provide an opportunity to engage with a positive male role model.

It also may be easier for a boy to reveal feelings that he may not be able to discuss with his mother to a male therapist. This is especially true when the mother hasn’t learned how to communicate effectively with the child.

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