When it comes to professional counseling services, most people tend to fall into a couple categories—those who have experienced it and know how much it helps, and those who are a bit unsure because they’ve never tried it.

LifeStance Health isn’t your parents’ old-school counseling with the couch as a focus. Instead, we are goal-directed and our distinctive approach to therapy means we seek results—working toward measurable, meaningful goals that make a difference in your life every single day.

We offer a wide range of counseling and therapy services to help you get through the struggles life throws at you. Some of those services include:

Counseling for Individuals

Our therapists and clinicians are committed to getting to know you, to helping you find your strengths, so you can believe in yourself again and rediscover what you can achieve, all in a caring, supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Just as we have our strengths, we all have weaknesses, too. We believe it is important to be honest and clear about what those limitations are, and we will be there to help you accept those as well.

Counseling will help with any problems you are struggling to handle. There are too many to list here, but some of those we can help with include: depression, anxiety, mood instability, substance abuse/overuse, sexuality issues, spiritual issues, parenting guidance, anger and aggression, self-injury/cutting, divorce, eating disorders, loss of a loved one, and coping with job loss or financial hardship.

While it’s natural to want to “fix” a problem, we look at things a bit differently, working instead to help you find a better way to respond to problems you are having. Helping you adapt and getting better results leads to a life that is more satisfying and fulfilling. Something we can all celebrate together!

Counseling for Children and Teenagers

Our first step with children and teenagers is critical—getting to know them and building their trust. Depending on the child and their age, we might begin with playing a game, building something, doing a craft, or just talking. As they become more comfortable, and they know we can be trusted, they will open up and talk about what is bothering them or what struggles they are having.

Building trust isn’t just a buzzword or a philosophy here at LifeStance Health. It is real and honest. Nothing worthwhile or lasting is achieved without it and our therapists and clinicians take this to heart. It is as much a part of who we are as it is how we work.

A few of the issues we help children and teenagers deal with include depression, anxiety, anger, friendship problems, coping with parent divorce, and bullying.

As with adults, we help children and teens create measurable goals, so they can see real results from their efforts. To help them define these goals, we ask specific questions and their answers are used to gauge their progress.

Additional Counseling Services

We also offer counseling for couples and marriage, anger management, substance abuse, behavior management, and early childhood for those 0-5 years old. Each of these types of counseling helps with a different set of circumstances, but there is a common thread.

Maybe it only starts out as someone to talk to, someone who won’t judge you, but offers you support and the belief in you, that you CAN learn a better way to deal with whatever you struggle with. Maybe you need something more, defined steps to work through.

Whatever you need, we are here for you. Give us a call today. Let us help you move forward.