Get ready for a new school year and a new way of learning. This year brings us to uncharted territory and an ever-changing pandemic, so it’s important to focus on helping your family adjust to new routines. Here are some tips:

Help your kids adapt

The back-to-school season is exciting, and your kids may be experiencing a wide range of emotions. This can include anxiety and fear about changes to the routine they once knew. Here’s how you can help:

  • Reassure you children that they’re not alone, and many people are working to protect them and help them succeed.
  • Encourage seeing the positive side of change. Create a welcoming schoolwork area and get them excited to interact with friends and teachers online.
  • Help your child find new ways to have fun and interact with friends.
  • Keep talking to your kids. Frequently ask them how they’re doing and remember, it’s normal for emotions change quickly. Also, control your own emotions by communicating in a calm, friendly way.

Take care of your own mental health

Don’t forget to take care of you. Eat healthy, exercise, rest, and establish a consistent daily routine. Here are some tips to help you get through difficult days:

  • Recognize what you can control and be mindful about how you spend your time.
  • Avoid alcohol, overeating, and other unhealthy stress-relieving habits. Instead, try meditation, yoga, walking, or calling a friend for support.
  • Stay grateful and be confident about the future. Also, take time to help others in need.

If you need parenting help or are concerned that your child is struggling with ongoing stress, contact LifeStance Health. Our therapists are skilled at everything from teaching creative parenting strategies to getting your child to open up. Sessions are available in-person and virtually, so reach out below if you need support.