Autism Services

Autism is characterized by a triad of impairments:

  • Qualitative impairments in social interactions
  • Qualitative impairment in communication
  • Restricted patterns of behaviors, interests and activities.

Autism spectrum disorders include:

  • High functioning autism
  • Asperger’s syndrome
  • Pervasive Development Disorder, NOS

Many parents are not prepared to hear the words “autism spectrum disorder” and their child’s name used in the same sentence. Even for parents who suspect that their child has a form of autism, understanding and implementing the scope of additional supports that your child may need to be successful can feel overwhelming. Many parents feel isolated, misunderstood, or simply are not sure how to move forward in understanding what this diagnosis specifically means for their child. Edgewood is your place to turn to.

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When should you schedule a a comprehensive ASD evaluation?

We can help if you have concerns about your child’s development, managing difficult behaviors or it has been suggested by your child’s teachers or pediatrician that you should consider pursuing an assessment for an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

A Comprehensive Assessment and Formal Diagnosis can help your child and your family in many ways:

  • Contribute to gaining insight about how your child functions
  • Assist in creating treatment plans for therapeutic and suppport services
  • Provide grounds for gaining educational rights
  • Allow your child opportunity to have future accommodations both with post secondary schooling and in the work place
  • Offer opportunities for special designations for taxation purposes
  • Provide valuable details about your child’s specific needs to create a better understanding to advocate for your child and family
  • Help you qualify for state funded services or to receive government funds to support your child’s needs

There are many reasons you may consider a Comprensive Evaluation. You many be seeking:

  • An Initial Diagnosis and treatment/service recommendations
  • A Second Opinion – if you are concerned diagnostically relavent information was not considered.
  • An Updated Comprehensive Evaluation – if your child hasn’t been assessessed for a length of time or new medical/behavioral information has come to light
  • An Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) or a PsychoEducational Assessment
  • Neuropsychological testing to assess for cognitive, academic, and behavioral functioning that can aide in identifying secondary diagnoses, explaining and predicting behavior, developing a profile of your child’s strengths and weaknesses that can be used in intervention, assess school capacity, and help to measure learning and behavioral difficulties.

*Our Comprehensive Assessments are available for individuals of all ages including children as young as 12 months.

Some helpful resources on ASD screening include the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s General Developmental Screening tools and ASD Specific Screening tools on their website. Visit CDC Act Early – Autism & Development Facts to learn more.

Our clinicians are trained to support, advise, and walk with you on this journey, from the beginning steps of diagnosis, to understanding your childs strengths, to identifying various treatment paths to lead each family towards the progress they are seeking. Edgewood believes in comprehensive care, collaboration with your child’s support network at home, school and all their other service providers. We believe in a parent-focused approach, understanding that you, as the parent, are the expert in understanding you child. Our job is to help support you and your family as you move towards effective and meaninful change.

Edgewood proudly provides the following ASD services: