Counseling for children & Teenagers

put your child on the path to treatment results

Let us help you define the issues your child is facing. From ADHD to coping with parent divorce, we create measurable goals that get results.


Get answers about how talk therapy can benefit your child

What issues does child counseling address?

We can help define and understand the issues your child is facing, including: depression, anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorders, substance abuse, adjustment issues, ADHD, anger, self-injury, defiant behaviors, peer difficulties, communication issues, coping with parent divorce, trauma, academic difficulties, behavior management, and more.

What happens in my child’s therapy session?

We begin by getting to know your child. We might just talk, or we might focus on non-verbal activities, such as playing a game, building something, or doing a craft together. Our goal is to establish good rapport to help your child open up to us.

What results can I expect?

We customize a program for your child that outlines measurable goals that achieve real results. The older the child, the more involved they are in defining those goals with us. Together, we’ll ask and answer questions like: What will make a difference for you? When things get better, how will you know? What signs can you look for to determine whether we’re making progress?

How will I be informed about sessions with my child?

You are always welcome to request that time be set aside during the session to spend time as a family or even come alone to discuss things privately. We are always open to discuss your child’s therapeutic growth, goals, challenges, and ways you can further support your child’s progress.

Children over age 12 do have confidentiality rights, and your therapist will respect those boundaries as they work to build a trusting relationship with your child. It is your right as a parent, however, to understand the general focus of sessions and be informed about your child’s progress.

Will Edgewood work with my child’s doctor and school?

Yes! To benefit your child and family, we keep your child’s school and pediatrician connected and informed.

If your child has a diagnosis or difficulties which affect performance in the classroom, it will be important to maintain continuity between home and school. We offer several services to help optimize success at school, both academically and socially.