individual and family therapy to address addictions

Get non-judgmental therapy that focuses on the underlying issues that may contribute to substance misuse. We’ll help you overcome addictions and set new healthy life goals.


Get answers about how therapy can help with substance abuse issues

What does substance abuse counseling entail?

With each individual, our therapists focus on understanding the underlying issues that may contribute to substance use, misuse and abuse. In a non-judgemental format, we work towards building on existing strengths and setting new healthy life goals.

Are my sessions confidential?

At Edgewood, confidentiality is top priority. Everything you say is confidential unless you are a danger to yourself or others.

If you would like Edgewood to collaborate with another providers or share your records with any company or individual, you must agree to and sign a release for your information.

What is the Family Therapeutic Model?

Edgewood embraces the Family Therapeutic Model. The family unit plays an important role in successful recovery and making positive life choices. Family therapy is a valuable part of treatment and we strive to make every effort in include all members.